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Event Information from Ticketing Platform did not Transfer Properly
Event Information from Ticketing Platform did not Transfer Properly
Updated over a week ago

Imported events are expected to populate the following information from your ticketing provider when the event is created.

  • Artist (Headliner)

  • Event start date/time

  • Lineup

  • Ticket link

  • On-sale date/time

Any future changes to the ticketing page will not transfer to your Bandsintown event listing and will require manual edits.

Adding artwork to your event

When creating a new event, organizers can add custom artwork at any point until the event has ended.

For some events, Bandsintown also pulls event info, including artwork, from ticketing partners and third-party data sources and creates events automatically in our database based on that info.

Once an event is imported, the artwork can still be updated manually by the organizer at any time until the event ends.

Imported artwork, if available, will be automatically used in Fan Alerts sent from Premium venue subscribers once the event has been published.

If multiple versions of artwork for an event are imported, you’ll be able to choose one from the Edit Event page, where you can also upload your own custom image.

In order to choose or customize the event artwork, ensure the toggle for Auto-Publish Events From Ticketing Platforms is set to Off. This will require you to approve or deny each imported event and its corresponding artwork via an automated email notification or in your Dashboard from the Home screen or Events page.

Reviewing Imported Events (Premium)

Premium subscribers have the option to completely or partially disable automatically imported events from ticketing partners or from artists and manually review and edit each new listing from the Events page before publishing on Bandsintown. Reviewing events ensures your event listings have accurate information. Learn more about reviewing imported events and upgrade to take more control of your listings.

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