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Creating, Importing, & Publishing Events
Creating, Importing, & Publishing Events
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Keeping your event listings current and accurate is the best way to maximize your discoverability on Bandsintown and drive sales for your events. Events can be created manually or imported from other sources individually or in bulk.

Creating a single event

From the Events page within your dashboard, click Add Event and enter the event details, then choose whether to publish the event or schedule it to be published at a specific date/time in the future.

The event details fields include:

  • Artist (headliner): the headlining artist of an event must have a Bandsintown page

  • Start Date/Time

  • End Date/Time (optional): leave this field blank for one-day events ending past midnight to avoid creating a multi-day event.

  • Event Name (optional): use this field to assign a custom event name. Headliner’s name is the default value.

  • Description (optional)

  • Event Poster (optional)

  • Lineup

  • Setlist (optional)

  • Ticket Link: Learn more about ticket links

  • On-sale Date/Time: this field becomes visible after you enter your ticket link

  • Live Streaming Link (optional)

When you're done, hit Save.

If you’re not ready to finish adding the event, save it as a draft, and the event will remain accessible to you under the Drafts section in the Events page within your dashboard.

Creating multiple events at once

Add multiple events at once using theBulk Upload feature.

PRO TIP: You may be able to automate the import process for your venue's events, if you can provide us a direct feed of events via RSS, CSV, XLS, or JSON. Send us your link or questions via [email protected], and we'll do our best to help.


1. Download template

  • Log in with your Bandsintown Pro account

  • Select your venue page

  • Click Events in the sidebar menu

  • Click Upload in the top right corner of the screen

  • Click in box #1 to download the template (be sure to use the latest version, last updated December 8, 2021)

2. Edit template

Fill out the template, adding one row per event and per artist. Make sure to follow the Field Requirements below for each item listed. Fields with an asterisk are required.

To avoid complications with lengthy event information, we kindly request that you use files containing a maximum of 50 events (rows) per file.

3. Publish your events

Drag and drop your updated file into the upload window on Bandsintown Pro, click Upload if you want your events published immediately (or at the date and time specified in your file), or click Upload As Draft if you want to review them first.

PLEASE NOTE: Your events will be imported to the performing artists’ Bandsintown page. Managed artists on Bandsintown can control whether these imported events are published automatically on their pages, which may result in a delay before your event is added. To accelerate this process, you can try to reach out to the artist. In all cases, your events will always be visible on your Bandsintown venue page.


  • Headliner: Artist name as they appear on Bandsintown.

  • Lineup: name of the other artists in the lineup for the event; separated by comma.

  • Date*: date of the event. Use the following format: YYYY-MM-DD. If you intend to save your events as drafts, note that only upcoming events are supported.

  • Time*: time of the event. Use a 24-hour clock (HH:MM). For example, use 21:30 instead of 9:30 PM. Time will default to 19:00 if left empty or invalid.

  • Streaming Link: if adding a live stream event please add the streaming link here

  • On-Sale Date: date on which the event tickets will go on sale. Use the following format: YYYY-MM-DD.

  • On-Sale Time: time on which the tickets of the event will go on sale. Use a 24-hour clock (HH:MM). For example, use 15:30 instead of 3:30 PM.

  • Ticket Link: link to the ticket seller. Use the complete link (URL-shorteners such as are not supported). If you are adding a live stream event with a ticket link please include the ticket link in the Description column

  • Ticket Type: label displayed next to the ticket link. Must be one of the following: Tickets, Presale, VIP, Free, Sold Out. Adding a Ticket Type is required if you include a Ticket Link.

  • Ticket Link 2: secondary link to the ticket seller. Use the complete link (URL-shorteners such as are not supported).

  • Ticket Type 2: label displayed next to the secondary ticket link. Must be one of the following: Presale, VIP, Free, Sold Out.

  • Event Name: name of the event.

  • Description: description of the event; can be used for any additional information.

  • Scheduled date: date on which event will be published. Use the following format: YYYY-MM-DD.

  • Scheduled time: time on which event will be published. Use a 24-hour clock (HH:MM). For example, use 15:30 instead of 3:30 PM.

  • Timezone: the format for timezone is: Country/City_Name. See a full list of valid timezones.

After following the steps below to bulk upload your events, if you still have any questions or if you're running into issues, please email [email protected] for support.

Importing Events (Premium)

To make things as seamless as possible for venues and their teams to list and promote events, Bandsintown automatically pulls event info from a variety of partners and data sources, including ticketing platforms like Ticketmaster, AXS, Eventbrite, and See Tickets, as well as booking agencies, promoters, and artists, and publishes those events on relevant Venue pages.

Any changes made to these ticketing pages after publication will not be reflected on the associated Bandsintown event listing, which must be manually updated.

Premium subscribers have the option to completely or partially disable automatically imported events and manually review and edit each new listing from the Pending Events page before publishing on Bandsintown and triggering the Just Announced email and push alert.

PLEASE NOTE: Email notifications will be sent when new imported events become available for approval. Be sure to check these frequently in order to avoid delaying the promotion of these shows to fans.

From the General tab in Settings, toggle the switch for Auto-Publish Events From Ticketing Platforms to the off position.

Premium subscribers also have the option to specify certain source categories for automatic publication.

  1. Imported events from ticketing sites

  2. Imported events from artist pages

  3. Imported events from both ticketing sites and artist pages

  4. None

If Auto-Publish Imported Events is turned off, you’ll be required to approve or deny each event via an automated email notification or in your Dashboard from the Home screen or Events page. We recommend checking these frequently to ensure that your events are being properly promoted.

PLEASE NOTE: New events will revert to being automatically published for venue managers who have not logged in to Bandsintown Pro for 60 days, beginning 7 days after each event is imported. These events can still be edited or removed at any point by logging in again.

For any questions about managing events, reach out to us at [email protected].

Automatically Sync Event Artwork

When creating a new event, organizers can add custom artwork at any point until the event has ended.

For some events, Bandsintown also pulls event info, including artwork, from ticketing partners and third-party data sources and creates events automatically in our database based on that info.

Once an event is imported, the artwork can still be updated manually by the organizer at any time until the event ends.

Imported artwork, if available, will be automatically used in Fan Alerts sent from Premium venue subscribers once the event has been published.

If multiple versions of artwork for an event are imported, you’ll be able to choose one from the Edit Event page, where you can also upload your own custom image.

In order to choose or customize the event artwork, ensure the toggle for Auto-Publish Events From Ticketing Platforms is set to Off. This will require you to approve or deny each imported event and its corresponding artwork via an automated email notification or in your Dashboard from the Home screen or Events page.

Duplicating events

To duplicate events you’ve already created, click the three dots next to the event you want to duplicate on the Events page in your dashboard, then click Duplicate.

Ticket links

Event organizers can add one or more ticket links when creating events.

From the Events section in the Bandsintown Pro dashboard, click Add Event or edit an existing event.

PLEASE NOTE: The editing of ticket links inside your imported events is not possible due to technical reasons, but you can add additional links to each event.

Enter the first ticket link and choose the type of ticket from the dropdown list, then choose the on-sale date and time.

Click + Add Another Ticket Link to add an additional ticket link and type.

If multiple ticket links or types are added, one type must be labeled Tickets. Events will only display one of these labels if a ticket link is included, including Free and Sold Out.

How Bandsintown handles ticket links

Bandsintown rewrites all ticket links for technical reasons, to allow us to provide venues with valuable analytics.

In some cases, we may add or prioritize our partners’ ticket links to offer the best experience to fans. All links, including those you provide, are published on the event page.

For any questions about managing events, reach out to us at [email protected].

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