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Premium subscribers can get the full picture on your promotions with an intuitive insights dashboard and weekly performance reports delivered straight to your inbox, so you can see what’s working and what isn’t and make adjustments for future campaigns. The Insights dashboard includes information on Fan Alerts, event insights, sales insights, and Google Analytics.

Upgrade to a Premium subscription to access your Insights dashboard.

Reporting intervals

The Insights section of your venue’s dashboard is your central hub for valuable analytics about the visibility and engagement of your published events. You can filter these results to show the past week, month, or year.

Automated alert insights

You can find a detailed breakdown of Fan Alerts in the Automated Alerts Insights section. This is a cumulative total of all alerts sent out to followers of your venue and the artists performing there. You can view a timeline of Fan Alert emails sent, categorized by alert type, by selecting the type from the menu and checking all boxes for the ones that you would like to be included in these totals.

Event insights

The Event Insights section shows the total number of views, ticket clicks, and RSVPs for all of your events during the specified time period. This information is collected from all sources within the Bandsintown ecosystem.

Below this section, you can see these insights broken down by events taking place during the specified time period. Analytics about the performance of the notifications sent to fans are also included.

In addition to Event Views, Ticket Clicks, and RSVPs, you can access info about Alerts Sent, Alert Opens, and Alert Clicks.

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